Superb Advice For Brilliant Digital Photography For Allwood New Jersey

2 Photo Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography!

Here are two photo hints which will instantly raise your landscape photography - or some outside photos - to a whole new level. Use filters and rubber bands!

Photo Hint #1... Use filters in your photography!

Filters are an essential addition to any quality photo and they are used by most top shooters on virtually every shot!

With digital photography taking over the photo world, too a lot of us are using a point and shoot - camera on automatic - strategy. We will fire away hundreds or even tens of thousands of shots in the hopes that we will get one great one since there aren't any film development costs.

Too often, we do not. The photography skill set during the previous few years has been dramatically reduced by this process and it is going to get even worse.

Rather than learn to be excellent photographers, we are learning to be great at 'fixing' photos in Photoshop.

I have nothing against Photoshop, but nevertheless, it ought to be utilized as a 'tweak' in photography. Not a fix.

Among the 'tweaks' we will often use Photoshop to insert is the effect of filters.

Should you just want a color wash across the full image, Photoshop is great at that!

However there are a number of filters where it's best to have them on your lens rather than attempt to add the effect after. You may spend hundreds of hours on each and every photo attempting to seamlessly add them.

UV filters, polarizers and neutral density filters.

These filters are a MUST HAVE for any camera bag! The UV filter will help safeguard your lens from scratches, etc. and can be removed before shooting if you need the sharpest pictures. Polarizers, give us much better heavens, and remove glare from shiny objects. It is hard to envision shooting at an outside photo without one. And we are given increased control over shutter speed and so forth by neutral density filters.

The very best shooters wouldn't dream of not having these filters in their camera bag. But sometimes there can be a problem.

Photo Hint #2... Keep A Rubber Band Handy!

When you're employing filters that screw on the very front of your lens - sooner or later you will run into the issue of wanting to remove it, but nevertheless, it won't unscrew. It is stuck!

Here's what you do...

Take a rubber band and wrap it around the filter. This will definitely give you enough grip to get it started turning.

Where to keep your rubber band?

It's possible for you to keep one in your camera bag therefore it is always handy, but here is an option that is even better - wrap it around your wallet! Or do both.

Should you maintain your own wallet in your own pocket, wrapping a rubber band around it makes it nearly impossible for a pick-pocket to get the wallet out of your pocket! Try it; you'll see what I mean!

There is less protection should you maintain your own wallet in a purse, but it still makes it harder to get the wallet from the purse surreptitiously.

These two simple suggestions - use filters in your photography and keep a rubber band helpful in the event you can not get the filter off - are only a couple more methods to take your outdoor, landscape photography to a whole new level. To find out more, have a look at the resources box!