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Images Lessons Online – Composition of Landscape Shots! At the heart of any successful, and memorable, landscape shot is composition. Without taking time to get this crucial component right, what you might perceive to be a classic shot of a sweeping landscape scene could be just plain boring to the viewer. One of the photographer’s … Read more

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What the Heck Would Be The Why Landscape Has Become A Popular Pastime Landscape photography is a pastime enjoyed by young and old, all around the world. To an unspoiled seashore, from fields and ponds, there’s no limit to what you can get on camera. Some of the most traditional landscape photographers like to shoot … Read more

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Enhance Your Landscape Photography Using Split Neutral Density (ND) Filters Frequently when taking landscape pictures, you’ll find that the sky is much brighter compared to the landscape. This could make it hard to keep detail in the sky with no landscape being too dark, and to keep detail in the landscape without the sky being … Read more